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The Van - L Dance Company


The productions have been presented in different theatres across the world by receiving commissions in artists in residencies or festivals.


A choreography created as part of the 4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival 2019

Choreography | Vangelis Legakis
Performance | Yang Hao, Ling Tse
Singing & Interpretation | Ling Tse
Lighting Design | Vangelis Legakis
Music Composition | Paul Yip

"May BE" expresses the passions and feelings we pass through until we meet and have a true genuine connection with one another. It is a calling, a song, a cry to voice our innermost feelings to communicate.

“May BE” represents moments in life when we are insecure, frightened and desperate trying to listen and communicate our truth. It conveys the moments in between and betwixt that are neither a "Yes" nor a "No".

Presented & Produced by: 
Unity Space

Artistic Director | Vangelis Legakis

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A choreography created as part of the East Point West | Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment

Kuala Lumpur
4-14 July 2018

Love, Life, Death, Dance and Rituals!

The piece portrays the energies and feelings between different relationships we create in life. Some relationships stay for longer period of time, others for less or for not any time at all, and some stay for a lifetime. Love, passion, anger, sadness, fear, forgiveness, joy, surrendering are just some of the emotions we experience in our relationships that teach us a lot. We are constantly changing, everything is changing and at one period of our life we are attracted to certain people, but at another period we are attracted to different people. How can we understand and feel the energies and feelings that create certain relationships at certain period of our life and how can we discern what is best to do?


Ephemeral Shades portrays the challenges, difficulties and the true love two people share for eventually co-creating a harmonious relationship.

The main subject of the choreography was the different stages a relationship is passing through when things don't work well, and what solutions can be found.

Ephemeral Shades | Duet is an extract from the one hour long choreography choreographed for Aura Dance Theatre.The full cast was with 10 dancers and the duet was performed by Chen Mei and Jasper Narvaez.


An expression of the Liminal space between performance and everyday life expressed through the relationships that four individuals create.

Presented at the 2nd Hong Kong International Choreography Festival, June 2017


To find beauty within a world that pushes you from many different directions, one needs to find peace within. Passing through the sorrow, weariness and sadness three individuals unfold their relationship who are so close to each other but suddenly can become very distant.

Presented at the Place Prize , Robin Howard Theatre 2010, London, UK   


Five characters reveal their strong 'voice' but also frustrations in a society that pushes them to conform in strict rules and regulations.

Presented at the Touch Wood, Robin Howard Theatre 2009, London, UK


This piece reveals the struggle of a woman to speak her voice in a patriarchal society. 'En-Pour-Soi' are terms by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre which mean 'In-For-Itself'. These terms express the objectification within the subject through their life's journey. The performer is confused between two states that are separated by a thin line; in one side there is the person who becomes an object for another and in the other the person who retains their integrity and respect to themselves.

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