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Vangelis Legakis


Start a journey of self discovery in dance and life!


Embodied Unity is a philosophy of movement integrating the profound disciplines of dance, chi gong and yoga to Heal the self and unite Body, Mind & Spirit (Individual-Self), to balance relationships (Duet-self), to find harmony in the society; Family, City, Country, World (Collective-self). 

Embodied Unity is open to all levels of experience in any discipline and to people who are professionally and non-professionally trained in dance, yoga or chi gong. Vangelis is adapting and offering high-standards workshops and classes according to the level of knowledge and experience of the participants.


Flying Low is a physical and dynamic technique that was developed by David Zambrano. Flying Low creates diverse dynamic relationships between the dancers and the environment with special focus on floor work. By using one’s weight, gravity and the energy from the environment, there is a momentum created that allows the dancer to flow freely on the floor and in space. Through the basic principles of the technique that of gathering, sending and passing through, the dancers create concrete Inter-relationships between themselves, the floor, the whole room, so as to ultimately dance freely and instinctively all together as one living entity.

Passing Through builds upon Flying Low with same principles and values however it opens up to an improvised structures that allows greater freedom.

Vangelis was trained at the 50 Days in 2010 by David, as well as in numerous intensives since 2008 up to date. Vangelis is the organiser of the Integro Dance Beyong project in which David is teaching an intensive over a month.


A Unique Interdisciplinary Integration

Performing Arts | Therapy Arts | Visual Arts | Liberal Arts

Vangelis Legakis


Legakis has been teaching Chi Gong and Yoga since 2000 in many different countries and cities across the world. He integrates these powerful philosophies with dance and performance for offering a unique experience in how we experience life and relationships in our everyday life. He is offering privates specifically sculpting the sessions for personal development.

Embodied Unity - Research


Wondering where injuries might be originating from? We usually treat the effect of our injuries when it is too late, however we rarely direct our consciousness to find out what caused the injury.  Legakis is teaching diverse treatments in many alternative therapies such as: Deep Tissue, Holistic, Thai and Abdominal Massage, Craniosacral, Neuro-skeletal Re-alignement, Reiki, Reflexology, Cosmin Healing Chi Gong and many other. 

Having had his own experiences through chronic injuries he has innovated techniques and practices how to heal the dancer's body in profound ways to expand our limits of performativity.

Do you want to learn more how to develop your career but also integrate your profession with your everyday life? Get in touch with us to discuss further.

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